Spiritually Auspicious, Magical Shape, A very “NOBLE” Ganesha.

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: 3


: Natural Agate in the form of Ganesha


: 540 Carat.


: 58.98 x 54.46 x 29.20 mm


: Identical to God Ganesha


: Brownish Yellow


: Translucent


: None


: India


: 1

Product Description

Spiritually Auspicious, Magical Shape, A very “NOBLE” Ganesha, Rarest of Rare, Powerful, Self Made, Natural God Ganesha, No Alternative, Only one piece exist, Ganesha is the God of Success.

The Image Shown is the actual photo of the product. It is not a representative image. This is very unique, rarest of rare agate stone produced by nature and very likely this could be the only piece in the world and no second similar or identical piece to it.

This unique agate stone looks exactly like Ganpati Bappa like you see in the photograph in a resting position and the back part of agate looks like a bird, it seem as if Ganpati Bappa is in a resting position on a bird.

Spiritually Auspicious, 100% identical shape, A Very “Noble” Ganesha, Rarest of Rare, Powerful, Self Made, No Alternative, This stone(pratima) is not carved nor retouch and shows perfect resemblance of Lord Ganesha in vishram position.



Product Features

Description : The Agate stone is so clear, if you watch closely the Eyes, Ears, Head, Trunk, Crown, Hands, Legs, are quiet prominent. On the back side of stone you can see the Eyes and Beak of the Garuda bird on which Ganpati Bappa seems to be in vishram position.

It is true natural presence of Lord Ganesha to his devotees making it very rare, auspicious, a collectors delight and one of a kind in the entire world. So in short just imagine Agate Stone which 100% resembles Lord Ganesha making it nothing less than a wonder of the world. we have seen this type of stone for the first time in our career. We have not seen any other trader also possessing or displaying this kind of agate stone. We have taken a small efforts to point out parts of God Ganesha, in case you could not point something in addition to it please do write to us as we would be highly obliged. Have you heard it before? In case yes, have you seen it before? In case no or in either ways take a glance at a world’s rare of the rarest natural Ganesha Agate Stone on display produced by great mother earth and possessed by Golden Sparrow with the blessings of “The Ultimate” “The Supreme”, the one and only, the greatest Lord Ganesha”.


Product Uses

These Stones are so rare that it’s effect would be best known to nature itself. One needs to be blessed with real karmas to even have a look at it.

One can also say that seeing is believing, so one is always welcome to have a look at them personally at our place with prior appointment.

Take a look at the rare of the rarest and not rarest of rare natural Ganesha Agate Stone. May be just a look at them would bring a lot of changes in your life.

Up to the point we do not see physically any other piece, we have full rights to claim “UNIQUE RAREST OF RARE STONE” see it believe it.

Note : All the natural & auspicious stones found on earth are agate in nature because agates are talismic stones which gives only benefit to its holder.

Looking forward to receiving a positive response to take this ahead.

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